[Cannabidiol] Everything you need to know about CBD

I’m sure you’ve noticed, CBD has become one of the most talked about topics in the medical world. Well, it’s time for you to learn a bit more about CBD and find some answers to the most frequently asked question.

1) What is CBD?
Great question! First CBD is short for Cannabidiol, it’s 1 of over 60 chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant and is one of the most abundant cannabinoids found in the plant. For reference, THC is also a chemical compound found in cannabis, but we’re not going to talk about that. People use it to treat a huge laundry list of ailments and is normally prescribed by doctors in the UK.

2) Where does CBD come from, Hemp or Marijuana?
You’ll actually find CBD in both Marijuana and Hemp alike. However hemp produces the highest levels of CBD is why hemp is used widely in the production of CBD products.

3) IS CBD from hemp stronger than CBD from Marijuana?
No, it;s the same chemical compound found in both plants so they are both just as strong.

4) In short, what’s the difference between CBD and THC?
Well to start CBD is non psychoactive which means it will not get you high like THC. When ingested, CBD and THC bind to 2 different receptors in your nervous system

5) Will CBD ever get me high?
No, CBD is non psychoactive so it will not get you high, but you may notice your body feeling a little different when first taking CBD. It’s a different feeling for everyone and really depends on how your bodies endocannabinoid system reacts with the CBD.

6) How can I take CBD?
There are many different ways to take CBD,
1. Vaping: This method allows the CBD to reach your bloodstream the fastest and therefore feeling it’s effects the fastest.
2. Taken orally: This means taking our full spectrum cbd oil tinctures by dripping the oils into your mouth and holding it under your tongue for at least 30 seconds before completely swallowing it. It’s not the fastest way to be absorbed by your body but the effects will last the longest as your body absorbs the CBD. As a personal CBD user myself I like to vape and use the oil tinctures side by side. Take a few puffs for the fast acting relief and 1 full dropper of 1000mg CBD Oil Tincture for its longer lasting effects.

7) Is CBD natural or is it man made?
CBD is a 100% Natural Occurring chemical compound that is found in both Marijuana and Hemp.

8) Will CBD show up on a drug test?
High quality CBD products with zero THC will not show up on a drug test. Products with THC will. We pride ourselves in having 100% THC free products.

9) How much CBD should I take if it’s my first time trying it?
We recommend starting with the lowest amount of CBD for first timers. We offer both 250mg CBD Vape juices and 500mg CBD Full Spectrum Oil Tinctures. Try it and adjust your dosing as needed. You’ll find the dosing levels on all Avida Product pages.

10) Will I feel the effects of the CBD instantly?
Some people feel the effects within hours of taking CBD while others need to be on a regular regimen for their bodies to feel a difference.

CBD Vape Juice What Is It And What Does It Do?

Vaping devices or vaporizers, such as electronic cigarettes and vape pens have been gaining popularity lately as an alternative to smoking. These devices produce vapors from different types of materials like an e-liquid, herb or a concentrate.

What is CBD Vape Juice?

CBD Vape Juice, CBD e-liquid and CBD e-juice are terms for hemp based fluid that is popularly used in vaporizers or vape pens. These types of liquids are infused with CBD extracts, as opposed to a nicotine based product that is generally used in vaporizers. CBD E-liquids are considered a better and more convenient way to consume Cannabidiol (CBD) and gain its benefits.

CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol) are the 2 most abundantly found chemicals in the cannabis plant that are widely used for recreational and medicinal purposes. While THC is known for producing the psychoactive effects, CBD is a chemical compound that is non-psychoactive and in turn does not get you high, but offers a great range of benefits to the end user. This is why CBD is mostly used in cannabis based medicines.

CBD e-liquid is also a THC free product that is available in different strength levels. It is made from hemp that contain less than 0.3% THC and is legal within the United States.

How CBD Vape Juice Works?

When used in a vaporizing device, CBD enters into the body through a completely different route than the one it follows when it is orally ingested. CBD vapors enter into lungs and then directly diffuse into the bloodstream and do not pass through the liver and gut, as it happens in oral ingestion.

In vaping, not only much lesser amounts of CBD needs to be consumed to gain the benefits, but the chemical also takes much lesser time to activate within your body. According to an estimate, CBD effects are felt about 30-60 minutes faster, when vaporized.

Due to these reasons, CBD e-juice is vastly gaining popularity as the most efficient and fastest way of benefiting from CBD.

Effects of CBD

CBD e-liquid is generally considered a safer option. Also, it has been said to offer certain benefits, which include:

  • It helps to deal with certain skin issues – There is some evidence that CBD e-liquid can help to manage the signs of acne and eczema. Also, it can reduce redness and swelling of skin and can soothe itchiness. While these benefits can also be obtained via topical application, vaping is said to be a better alternative because this method activates the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD.
  • Analgesic properties – CBD e-juice has also been found to offer help in dealing different types of chronic pain.
  • Helps to deal with anxiety and stress –CBD e-liquid helps to reduce stress and anxiety by initialing the production of serotonin, dopamine and other stress hormones.

In addition to these, there are many other benefits that CBD vape juice has been found to offer. To gain these benefits, make sure to take expert advice to determine the right type and dosage. To buy pure CBD e-liquid that is free of THC, herbicides, pesticides and GMO, Visit our official website

CBD Oils and More!

There are a lot of CBD products out there, but at Fairfield CBD, we are proud of our unique contribution. we’ve been offering customers a new way to use a relatively new product, CBD oils, in consumer products.

Many of us have heard by now about how CBD is used to treat a range of health conditions, from headaches to spinal or nerve conditions to things like anxiety and depression.

But where you get your CBD oil and how you use it is also important. As we say, it’s a new market, and there’s still a lot of confusion around the industry.

CBD is a safe and legal product. It’s derived from hemp and doesn’t have the THC of active marijuana. It’s also very popular for daily use for a range of patients who need very different health supplements. Many different people with diverse needs use CBD oil in their diets, or rub CBD oils on their skin, for both “treatment” applications and for holistic health.

On our website, you’ll see some amazing testimonials. There were people who suffered from spinal disc problems and started using CBD oil to treat the pain, with remarkable results. You’ll see people who started using CBD oil for attention deficit disorder and mood problems, and feel 100% better, energized and lively all day. Our customers have been inspired to write in and talk about how well CBD oils make them feel, because they have seen the power of these supplements in their lives first-hand. Some say they “used to be skeptics” but are now initiates to the CBD community!

How it Works

CBD oil generally gets absorbed into the body through digestion or through topical treatment. Our process is a bit different: first, we also offer the best CBD extraction process, and we have a range of products available: capsules, soups, gummies, etc. according to what works for our customers.

We have also pioneered a technique where CBD oil gets turned into “nanotech” particles and absorbed that way. That can boost the results for the body as a whole. Our innovative teams have figured out how to create proprietary dispensary methods that will help users to optimize their CBD habits.

Ask 10 people about CBD oils, and you’ll get 10 different answers. If you don’t know who to listen to, just listen to yourself – take it for a test drive and see how CBD oil influences your mood and your body. It’s important to direct customers to our FDA disclosure and note that this is not medical advice – people who are pregnant may not be able to take CBD oils. Always ask your doctor about supplements.

Check out our catalog of interesting CBD products.

Starting Your Own Vape Shop

The latest analysis is telling us that the vaping industry is going to double in the coming years. There are many entrepreneurs wondering how to open a vape shop. If you fall into this category then you have come to the right place. We can’t provide a formula for opening an e-cig business because the rules and regulations vary by jurisdiction.

We can cover some basics and what you need to focus on to succeed.Obviously, the first steps include getting a business license for your area and a tax id. You need to have your financing planned out and in order. There are two ways you can open a vape shop. You can buy a franchise or you can open an independent store. If you go the franchise route, you will have to follow corporate guidelines. If you go the independent route, you can forge your own path. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

The vaping business regulations may vary by state or by community across the country. For example in some cities like LA, you will need to have a tobacco retailer’s permit in addition to business licenses. There is no one size fits all plan for how to open a vape shop. But there are three keys to success that we want to cover.

How to Open a Vape Shop
Long days, stress, anxiety. These are the hardships entrepreneurs face. You are taking a big risk. The other side of the coin is the delicious possibility of success. Of controlling your own destiny. Answering to no one except yourself. There is no way around the hard work but good preparation can help you mitigate the risks and achieve success.

If you are unfamiliar with vaping, it is important to do your due diligence and become familiar with the vaping community. Visit domes forums and see what people are talking about. Bear in mind, however, that forums are generally filled with aficionados. You will be best served by understanding what the aficionado is looking for while at the same time keeping in mind that many of your customers may be just learning how to vape.

Knowing how to open a vape shop starts with knowing what your customers will be looking for. You do your due diligence, get your financing and licenses in order. The, you focus on getting customers in your door and making sure you deliver the products and service that will build your business.

Three Keys To A Successful Vapor Store
Location, location, location
The first key to opening a successful vape shop is actually three key steps in one. Location, location, location! You’ve no doubt heard it before and it remains as true as ever. Where to open a vape shop is every bit as important as how to open a vape shop.

Do your research. Know your city. Scout potential locations. Take your time and make a decision that you feel good about. Here are some tips for choosing a vape shop location:

Visibility. Choose a location that will be seen by both foot traffic and passing motorists.
A corner location that can be approached from two different directions can increase customer access to your location.
Ample room for visible signage.
In terms of parking, a dedicated parking lot is a luxury but not a necessity. Visibility and access are primary. If people can’t find you, they won’t. If people can find you, they will.

Hiring Vape Shop Staff
Vape shops are usually open six or seven days a week. Typical business hours are 11 am to 9 pm. You may plan on working every day at all hours but chances are you will need to hire a staff to help you provide the necessary service to your customers. Hiring vape shop staff will be crucial. Your staff can make or break your shop.

While you may want to hire people you know, it is important that your staff knows and loves vaping. Staff members should be able to relate to and serve customers.

Staff members need to know vaping and your products
Staff member should be able to relate to customers
Vape Shop Products
A long time ago Dray, Mig Vapor’s founder, learned a valuable lesson from Sam Walton. Dray made a deal with Mr. Walton to sell mattresses on Walmart property. The deal was contingent on one thing. Mr. Walton said that if there was so much as one upset customer, the deal was off. Customer satisfaction is imperative.

Quality is paramount. You must avoid sketchy suppliers offering deals that seem too good to be true. You do now want to sell cloned, fake e-cigs. Trust only reputable wholesale vape distributors or buy directly from the manufacturers yourself. Additionally, you want a wide variety of products for the full range of vaping styles. From beginners to the advanced vapor.

Proprietary products and e-liquids will give you an edge. Every vape shop will have the basic mods and e-liquids. Depending on the laws in your state, you should consider carrying dry herb vaporizers. It is a good idea to carry trending, popular products. But you will also want to carry products that the other shops in your area will not have. Carve out a unique niche.

One advantage that many vape shops overlook is working with the proven American vape brands like Mig Vapor. The advantage for you as a vape shop owner is proprietary products like Vapor vape juice, advanced mods and vaporizers, and e-cigs for beginners. SHOP NOW

Quality products and e-liquids are critical
Have a range of products a variety of vaping styles
Proprietary products can give you an edge
We recommend that you contact a Vapor wholesale to develop a plan for offering your customers a complete line of unique vapor products.