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Cleveland Doctors Now Recommend Medical Marijuana

Residents of Cleveland will soon have access to medical marijuana, as dispensaries are scheduled to open over the next few months. However, before patients can access these dispensaries, they need a recommendation for medical marijuana from a doctor that is certified to write recommendations. The Ohio Marijuana Card office in Cleveland will be staffed with certified doctors approved to recommend medical marijuana, and friendly support staff that will make the approval process stress-free.

How To Get Approved For Medical Marijuana in Cleveland

To be eligible for medical marijuana under Ohio law, an individual must have one of 21 currently approved qualifying conditions. If you are living with a qualifying condition, you are eligible for medical marijuana, but you’ll first need to visit with a certified marijuana doctor to receive a recommendation.  After receiving a recommendation from a certified doctor, patients will receive a medical marijuana patient identification card from Ohio‘s Medical Marijuana Control Program (MMCP). With this card in hand, patients will be able to walk in to any of the 60 licensed dispensaries across the State of Ohio to purchase medical marijuana.

Visit the Ohio Marijuana Card Office In Cleveland

The Cleveland Marijuana Doctor office is operated by Ohio Marijuana Card, an organization that helps patients across the state of Ohio access medical marijuana. The doctors working at the Cleveland Marijuana Doctor office are knowledgeable about the medicinal benefits of medical marijuana and are committed to helping patients get the treatment they deserve.

Whenever you’re ready, our team will be here at the Cleveland office to assist you in obtaining your medical marijuana card.

Marijuana Dispensaries In Cleveland

The State of Ohio hasn’t yet issued licenses to dispensary businesses, so we don’t know exactly where medical marijuana dispensaries will be located.  However, we do know that Cuyahoga County will host five dispensaries in total, so patients can rest assured that they won’t need to drive too far to get to their local dispensary.

We Hope To See You Soon

With the Cleveland Marijuana Doctor office opening in just a few weeks, we look forward to helping you obtain your medical marijuana card. Our first few weeks are already fully booked, so make sure to schedule an appointment soon to ensure that you’re able to get your card and access dispensaries as soon as they open!

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